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Kathryn Ryan interview NZ, 2020, Nine to Noon:

89.3FM Singapore, Michelle Martin interview, Sept 2019.

With Singapore medical students advocacy, @THIRDSPACING,
Ep 50 Part 2: How can we improve the conversation on mental health?
In this episode, writer Linda Collins continues sharing about how we should care for the grieving, the importance of our mental health systems in Singapore, as well as in New Zealand, and why suicide prevention involves every single person – even the ones suffering. CONTENT WARNING: Today’s episode deals heavily with the topics of suicide and grief.

Discussed Sign Language for the Death of Reason with Norwich poet Patrick Widdess on Poetry Non-Stop

With Anthea Ong, former Singapore Nominated Member of Parliament. Shades of love.

Writing the city, talk with Jon Gresham.


Linda Collins being interviewed by Singapore media practitioner Greta Georges

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